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Galileo is quality, experience and passion.

Galileo S.p.A. is an Italian market leader in the Home Décor industry. Its key product categories are: tableware and kitchen accessories, small appliances, gifts and home accessories, textiles, outdoor gardenware and beach gear. With over 60 years of family tradition, the company has a strong Italian identity that is applied in the research of materials and the development of the Italian design. Galileo’s mission is to anticipate trends and suggest market innovations. Throughout its years of experience, the company has always pursued new and more ambitious goals, strengthened the company’s identity in Italy and abroad, and become an important reference for Large-Scale Retailers and Wholesalers. Galileo S.p.A. owns 3 different brands, protected at European level. They are quickly expanding on the international stage, with a wide range of products that meet the needs and trends of contemporary lifestyles. The company has developed an innovation-based method which harmoniously combines two different approaches: understanding the needs of customers and responding to these needs by creating new market trends. Galileo is quality, experience and passion.


That’s for sure, one of the main factors of the company’s success. Carefully planned and set up in 2011, thanks to its advanced technology, allows the management of a big sales volume and a very fast delivery of orders. The logistics center consist of: 64.000 sqm surface - 32.000 sqm indoor and 32.000 outdoor -, 35.000 pallet spaces, 13 loading docks and 25.000 sqm external area. A new plant of 12.000 sqm is now under construction.

500 people

"Success is the result of people’s work". That is the Company’s motto. Galileo is always achieving new and more ambitious goals, thanks to the expertise and commitment of 500 people who work in our headquarters every day. Galileo believes in the benefits of having an ongoing training programme, through which employees gain new experience constantly. The company's goal is to enhance personal skills and to promote professional growth.

3500 sqm SHOWROOM

In the heart of our Headquarters lies the 3500 m2 showroom, strategically conceived and containing more than 18,000 products to ensure customers, suppliers and agents a 365-day experience of our products. Design, space division, mixture of colours and materials: nothing’s left to chance.


Galileo strongly believes in environmental sustainability. Galileo Spa has also adopted a Green Philosophy: in 2012, Galileo officially opened two photovoltaic plants in its headquarters and in the warehouse. The system provides 1,200,000 KWh annually and avoids the emission of 765 tons of CO2. This is the equivalent of 76,500 trees, 6.6 million kilometres in a car or the annual energy consumption of 128 apartments with a surface area of 100 m2.


Galileo is all about compliance with regulations and environmental awareness. We do our best every day to offer safe products. All of them comply with EU directives on food contact idoneity, electric safety, electromagnetic compatibility, etc. All certifications are given by institutes with national, international and European authorisation. Just to list some of the most important institutes we work with every day: SGS, INTERTEK, TUV, APAVE CPM, NEMKO, Istituto Ricerche Prove Analisi, Firenze Tecnologica, Bureau Veritas e Dekra, the experimental zooprophylactic institutions of Lombardia, Emilia Romagna, Puglia and Basilicata. 

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