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It all starts with a mark on a sheet of paper: that's the creative idea underlying the process that takes each and every Villa d'Este Home Tivoli's product to the market. Style, functionality and research, together with an accurate selection of materials and a constant study of design and contemporary trends that have led Villa D'Este Home to become a market leader in the tableware sector. More traditional materials such as handcrafted ceramics, stoneware, porcelain and very fine bone china are used as well as more modern materials like polycarbonate and glass. The Company has transformed the concept of dining accessories and makes them accessible to everyone, refined but not too serious at the same time. Every single product has to tell a new story which responds to contemporary trends and reflects the history of Italian design and the evolution of the costumer's taste.


The Kooper brand has acquired a stronger identity in the world of small appliances over the years. Created to satisfy the growing demand for comfort and technology in everyday lives, Kooper explored, little by little, different creative combinations that put together some crucial elements: quality, safety, user friendliness and excellent performance. Kooper has also got involved in the world of electronics by creating a line of products for new technologies and mobile phones. Maintaining its highly competitive prices, Kooper Mobile proposes an entire range of products of advanced technology and the highest quality.



Galileo's collection has more than 12,000 different products. High quality materials, design and colours are the hallmarks of all our products. Every item is developed and crafted with the aim of ensuring comfort, style and functionality in every house space: kitchen, living room and bathroom. The Galileo brand has also got a very complete and colourful summer line, proposing gardenware and outdoor design solutions.

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